The Portfolio Design Team helps advisors select or build the appropriate strategy to suit their client's investment goals.

Our dedicated team takes the “selection risk” off of you, the advisor, by making strategy selections – because nobody knows SMS strategies better than we do!

Dedicated Portfolio Design Team

Select members of the Investment Committee at Sowell Management Services make up the “Portfolio Design Team” (PDT). The PDT was created to handle all portfolio selections for client accounts, as well as build customized portfolio solutions for high net worth client accounts. While the team has other functions, the primary objective is for advisors to utilize the PDT as a resource when figuring out how to position and invest client accounts using Sowell Management portfolio solutions.

Removing “Selection Risk”

One of the biggest pitfalls in our industry is when an investment manager provides the advisor a giant “Chinese menu” of solutions and expects the advisor to select which portfolio is best for a client. We believe that nobody knows our portfolios as well as we do, so we take that “selection risk” off the advisor. An advisor can send in a completed “MPD Portfolio Design Request Form” to the PDT, and the team will choose the best solution available that fits the client’s preferences. The PDT will then deliver a customized proposal to the advisor noting the selection and providing resources on the selection. This is a free service and we encourage our advisors to take advantage of it.

Selections For all accounts, Big & Small

The PDT will make portfolio selections for any client, big or small. Whether it’s a $12,000 ROTH IRA or a $750,000 JTWROS, our team will select and/or build the appropriate portfolio for any client.

Customized Solutions

At SMS, we realize that all clients are different. Some solutions we provide are not advertised or listed on our solutions platform. For certain situations, we can provide customized solutions to accommodate a client-specific situation. Some examples are listed below:

  • For clients $500,000 and above, the PDT will build a customized MPD Portfolio.
  • The PDT can accommodate large households of accounts into one overall allocation.
  • The PDT can accommodate tax-sensitive and non-qualified account types utilizing custom bond portfolios and low-frequency trading programs.
  • There are multi-strategy blended portfolios that are not on the Sowell Solutions Platform that the PDT can utilize, if appropriate.
  • There are small account ($1k – $25k) solutions that are not advertised on the Sowell Solutions Platform that the PDT can utilize, if appropriate.

See a Sample Proposal

Click the button below to see a sample Sowell Management Services Investment Proposal, which is delivered to advisors after their portfolio design request has been processed.

Outsourced CIO

Are you an RIA seeking a customized, white-labeled portfolio solutions lineup for your business? Do you need help with materials a CIO would normally produce?

Sowell Management Services offers what we like to call the “Outsourced CIO.” With the help of our Investment Committee, we will custom-build and brand your firm’s very own portfolio lineup to offer to your clients. We have experience building customized, white-labeled solutions platforms for RIAs large and small, including varying investment management types and styles.

Other “Outsourced CIO” services available are:

  • White-Labeled Market Commentary & Analysis
  • Fact Sheets
  • Consulting

Inquire today and see how our “Outsourced CIO” service can benefit your firm!

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Our Portfolio Design Team can assist you in selecting an individual Sowell strategy, MPD™ Portfolio, multi-strategy portfolio, or analyze your client’s current portfolio. Simply fill out the Portfolio Design Request Form and email us!

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