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Market Scope for October 2016

In the October edition of Market Scope, entitled "How to ease the tactical pain in portfolios", Dave explores the reasons why tactical investment strategies have struggled, and what you can do about it.

Worldwide Business

Sowell Management Services on Worldwide Business

Bill Sowell and David Moenning discuss the changing landscape of investments and managing risk with Kathy Ireland, host of Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland.

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02/05/2015 – David D. Moenning joins the Sowell Management Team
02/05/2015 – Sowell Management Services Names Chuck Hicks New Chief Operating Officer
09/30/2014 – Sowell Management Services Introduces New Portfolio Offerings
06/06/2014 – Sowell Management Services’ TAMP Named One of America’s Best
04/28/2014 – Live Webinar on Enhancing CPA and Financial Advisor Partnerships