Established upon the concepts of value and service.
Third Party Money Manager

Sowell Management Services was established upon the concepts of value and service. Our management style is a unique blend of offensive positions to provide positive returns in healthy market conditions and tempered with defensive positions for sideways and down markets.

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Investment Management

Management That Makes Sense Our philosophy is to provide multiple strategies to create an environment where an investor has a very broad range of portfolios to meet their specific needs.

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The “State of the Markets”

Everything you need to know about the market. Sowell’s Chief Investment Officer, Dave Moenning, pens an award winning market missive, the “State of the Markets.” The report is designed to identify and analyze the drivers and key metrics of the market, focusing on why the market is doing what it is doing. Dave has been writing his “market missive” since the late 1990’s. Reports are published periodically during the week to help you stay current on what’s happening in the market.

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